At Seafood Express (PEI) Ltd., we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious. We take these values to heart, and we do our best to implement environmentally safe equipment and working conditions.

We have added wind skirts to all US-bound trailers, making for better handling and lower fuel consumption. For further fuel efficiency, we have also equipped all our trucks and trailers with nitrogen-filled Michelin tires, and we use wheel balancing and tractor-trailer axle alignment to reduce tire wear and tear.


Our trucks are equipped with in-cab heaters and optimized idle and Auxiliary Power Units. This reduces idling time while cutting down on emissions and excess fuel consumption. Synthetic lube oil is also used to reduce emissions and increase mileage.
We are pleased to be partnered with great companies like Smartway Certified Technology, Parts for Trucks, and Shaw Tracking to better reach our environmental goals!

We are HACCP certified, ensuring compliance with food safety rules and regulations for sanitary work conditions.

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