Seafood Express (PEI) Ltd. was established on August 4th, 1977 under the Companies Act of Prince Edward Island, with owner John McLeod at the helm.  There was a need to transport fresh and frozen fish from Atlantic Canada to the fish market in Boston, Massachusetts, where it was sold and distributed throughout the United States.  We at Seafood Express gladly stepped up to the challenge.

In those days, our lanes of operation were much different. Once the fish was delivered, the empty trucks were dispatched to the once thriving New England Produce Centre where they were loaded with fresh produce to be delivered back to the East Coast of Canada. The goods were used to supply the major food distributors in Moncton, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia, thus bringing the whole process full circle.

In the fall of 1986, G. William Keith took over the ownership of Seafood Express and has led the company ever since. When the East Coast fishery collapsed, we sought out other opportunities to get freight to the US produce markets. We looked beyond seafood and turned back to the land, and began hauling the famous Prince Edward Island fresh potatoes to the New England states and the New York area produce centres.

With new freight in circulation, other challenges and opportunities arose for the company. New business and routes had to be developed to move goods from Boston and New York to Central Canada (Toronto area), where there was a demand for similar products to be transported back to the Maritimes. This demand was filled, thus completing our primary lanes of travel, which is now known as The Triangle.

Under the leadership of Mr. Keith, the company has become what it is today: a thriving transportation company. Over the last 35 years, we have had a progressive increase in sales while developing a dedicated customer base. But we’ve had our share of obstacles as well, dealing with industry deregulation, a devastating potato virus, the construction of the Confederation Bridge between PEI and New Brunswick, and vast changes in technology and equipment. We have remained industry leaders throughout it all because of the company’s adaptability and willingness to meet new challenges head on.

Seafood Express is now a full service Temperature Controlled Transportation Company serving all of North American markets. We pride ourselves on being an extremely safety-minded company, and one that is leading the charge in environmental issues.

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